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Fish scale Cocaine, Very high-quality cocaine, usually right off the key and uncut. Doesn’t look like regular coke. it’s flaky instead of grainy, it’s sparkly instead of dull, and it’s slightly yellow-grey instead of being plain white. Good shit


Buy Columbian Fish scale Cocaine

How to get cocaine

Quality uncut Colombian coke of 96% purity level. how to get cocaine, available for sale with fast and secured delivery to all location, stealth packaging. We also do overnight delivery for buyers within the USA. We also offer bulk orders with a great discount. Buy Pure Fish scale Cocaine.

Fish scale cut?

Effects of long-term use Cocaine use can cause ongoing effects when using the long term. even between episodes of use. These include nosebleeds > sinus problems > damage to the inside of the nose > paranoid and suspicious thinking. which can lead to aggression > psychotic reactions.

(hearing voices, imagining things, hallucinations, and delusions). Smoking crack. how to get cocaine. has specific long-term effects. It can cause: > breathing difficulties > long-term cough > chest pain and lung damage.

Duration of effects during use The method used to take to determines how quickly the effects are felt. For snorting, injecting, or smoking, less than a minute, and last for around one to three hours. Dependence Using cocaine daily, or almost every day, over a period of time, leads to physical and psychological changes in the body. The body adapts or ‘gets used to’ having the drug on a regular basis. This is called tolerance.


People who are tolerant need more of the drug to achieve the same effects. But increasing the dose also increases the likelihood of unpleasant effects. The key feature of dependence is a loss of control overuse.

People who are dependent spend a lot of time thinking about drugs. obtaining and using drugs, and recovering from the effects. People who are dependent find it difficult to reduce or stop drug use. even when they are aware of problems related to their drug use.

Pure Columbian cocaine
Columbian Fish scale Cocaine

Effects During use The effects felt during use can be both desired and undesired. For most people who use cocaine. the desired effects are feelings of excitement and confidence.

Undesired effects can include feeling aggressive or upset. People react to it how to get cocaine, in different ways. In some people. even small amounts of how to get cocaine. can cause problems.

But harmful effects are most likely when large amounts of cocaine are used. Harmful effects of Harmful effects can be fatal. usually due to stress on the heart and increased body temperature.

These include: > bleeding into the brain > tightening of arteries (affecting the heart). high blood pressure > unpredictable behavior. Overdose – what to look out for Someone has experienced. an overdose if they suffer a medical emergency as a result of accidentally or intentionally.

using a larger amount of a drug than normal. Noticeable signs you are or someone else is having an overdose can include:

Effect of fish scale cut

headaches > feeling dizzy > breathing problems. extreme agitation > seizures / convulsions > heart pain – possibly heart attack > high temperature > sudden stomach pain. restlessness and trouble concentrating. If someone is experiencing any of the above signs phone 000 immediately for emergency medical attention.



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